Timothée Chalamet is back in LA after a few weeks on the road promoting Wonka. The final stop on the Wonka press tour is Hollywood, ahead of its North American release date on December 15. He’ll be on the red carpet tomorrow and junketing this weekend. Here he is in Beverly Hills yesterday catching up with some friends. 


And PEOPLE has a new “exclusive” that was published last night about his relationship with Kylie Jenner. 

“A source tells PEOPLE that The Kardashians star, 26, is “incredibly happy” with the Wonka actor, 27, and has even put a label on their romance, calling him “her boyfriend.” 

As for Chalamet, the insider says he’s “in awe of everything she is accomplishing” and “especially thinks she is an amazing mom.”

“He is very supportive of her career and she of his,” the source continues. “They both try to attend important events for each other.”

“He is very good for Kylie. Since dating him, she seems very content, relaxed and focused. Her family loves him,” they add.”


Right, so is her family also the source? LOL, I think most of us are assuming that these quotes about how “in awe” of her he is are coming from the Kardashian-Jenner side of this situation and not the Chalamet side but the other part of this that popped out for me was the comment about how “they both try to attend important events for each other”. And the next important event on the schedule is the Hollywood premiere for Wonka so… is this setting us up for, possibly, their red carpet debut? 

Back in September, Timmy and Kylie were sucking up all the gossip oxygen, alongside Kendall and Benito, until TNT came along and blew them out of the water. I mention this because all of these couples are mentioned in today’s Squawk newsletter which is about Taylor, Tree Paine, and DeuxMoi. Check it here if you’re a paid subscriber!