Back in November, which seems like an eternity ago if you live life by the timeline of Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski’s romantic involvements, the two were seen together on several dates. This was fun for everyone, it seemed. They seemed to be having fun, and they were good for gossip. Quick gossip, though. Not long gossip. That was the part that was so hilarious and confusing to me – whyyyyyy was anyone under any illusion that this would be any more than that. 


Like this PEOPLE article from December 12, 2022 citing a source who said, supposedly, that they were “going strong” and “getting more serious”. 

PEOPLE's Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski’s headline

I don’t know why they bother. And I’m not convinced whoever this source was actually believed what they were saying. Or maybe it was PEOPLE trying to make their readers believe what they were saying. Part of me also wonders whether or not this is about prudism and our cultural inability, STILL, to accept that two people can be attracted to each other and want to f-ck each other but have no interest in falling in love with each other. It happens every day, all the time. It’s hot and enjoyable but for whatever reason, “casual” is never a preferred celebrity narrative. 

So I guess maybe it is a surprise to some people that Pete and Emrata are onto the next and have not become Hollywood’s next great love story. Emrata was just seen on a date with comedian Eric Andre and Pete and Chase Sui Wonders, his co-star from Bodies Bodies Bodies, seem like they have something going on. 


Chase is much less high profile than some of Pete’s previous paramours. But it’s a week into 2023 and already he’s onto a connection. What will the Pete Count be at by the end of the year?