I am currently quite worried that law enforcement is now monitoring my actions because of what I’ve just been googling which is “what is it called when you kill your husband” and “different kinds of homicide”. Because I wanted to get the word, a word I’ve just learned – mariticide is the killing of one’s husband or boyfriend, which is what Patrizia Reggiani did: she was convicted of the murder of her husband Maurizio Gucci. Anyway, if you are reading this, and you are an investigator, please know that I do not plan to kill my husband, I was actually doing the google to write this post, thank you. 


So, back to mariticide and Patrizia, who is being played by Lady Gaga opposite Adam Driver’s Maurizio in Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci, now filming in Italy, we talked last week about Lady Gaga’s wardrobe for this film and here she is in more deluxe fashion, from the Gucci archives, obviously. What caught my interest here though is not the clothes but 1. the tattoo on her thigh, which is visible in some of these kissing shots and 2. the romance. 

We’ll start with the tattoo, which I’m pretty sure is her own and not Patrizia’s so the fact that they didn’t cover it with makeup suggests that they didn’t think it would make it into the shot although it might be something to look out for when the film is released, if they do decide to show this scene on the wide, and whether or not there’s a glimpse. This is film nerd sh-t, but still. 

Next to the romance – if you didn’t know the story, that Patrizia arranged to have her husband murdered, would you think this was a romance?! The scooter ride, the Notebook rowboat, the kissing, the way the internet has been reacting to the coverage of Gaga and Adam Driver… 


None of the public energy about House of Gucci feels like murder. Which, I get it, we’re only getting outside location shots, but it’s just funny to me, the whole vibe of it all, between the excitement over the fashion and these latest scenes, with Twitter already turning it into the 70s high fashion A Star is Born. And you know how that always works out, when the movie comes out and it’s actually the story of why and how this woman decided to commit mariticide, inevitably there’s going to be a … WHAT, they lied to me! Which is what happened with A Star is Born too, even though that film has been remade multiple times. 

Anyway, please continue to enjoy these shots of Gaga and Adam, and Adam in a turtleneck, which I wish more men in the west would get down with because I do love a man in a turtleneck and this is big in East Asia, where for whatever reason, they are so stupidly beautiful in turtlenecks, I often can’t pay attention when I’m watching the dramas because of how pretty they all are. Like Colin Firth in Love Actually but everywhere, all the time.