If you’ve been online this week, and if you’re here, you have, you cannot have missed all of Lady Gaga’s looks in Italy while shooting House of Gucci. Every day there’s been a new look, and I’ve either posted the previous ones or linked to them. This is a film about a fashion house, of course the clothes are going to be bomb. And there’s an added bomb fact because the style is a throwback, to the 70s and the 80s. Gaga is particularly well-suited to them. 


Here’s the latest sighting. It’s Gaga in a gorgeous tan cape, with fringe, a dramatic hat, a knee-length skirt, and a pair of GORGEOUS shoes that were perfect for back then and 100% still right for today. 

It’s not the most spectacular costume from this movie that we’ve seen this week, or that we’ll see period when the movie comes out, and no doubt the film itself will serve as an unofficial fashion show, but notable all the same for its quality and wearability from that era. 

The current plan is for House of Gucci to be released in November, in time for Thanksgiving in the US. Which automatically put it on target for an awards campaign. It’ll be the first of two Ridley Scott films to be possibly contending next season, both films featuring Adam Driver. Curious to see if one of them will be rescheduled. Between the two Ridley Scott projects, obviously this is the one I’m down for.

Note: We're waiting for higher resolution photos to be released.  Post will be updated then.