Since Crazy Rich Asians took the top spot at the box office this weekend, some of you have joined the Gemma Chan is our Girl Crush support group now, right? She’s exquisite. And… she may have a new boyfriend? 

The Sun has new pictures of Gemma with Dominic Cooper on holiday, with friends, in Formentera. They’re posing for photos with their arms around each other, very flirty. Photo Assumption time. 

Photo Assumption is the game of baseless conclusions. And my baseless conclusion here, from the way Dominic is leaning into her, especially where their bodies are touching, is that he is super attracted. He’s sending every pheromone that his body can possibly produce in her direction. She doesn’t seem to mind. 

Gemma and Dominic worked on a movie together so they’ve known each other a while. This could very well be two friends goofing among other friends, nothing more than group silliness, feeling free and rich and beautiful and it’s summertime and she’s celebrating the success of her movie, especially since it was just announced a couple of days ago that CRA, which was initially scheduled to open in the UK in November, where Gemma is based, has now been moved up to September 14.   


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That’s still almost a month away but at least it’s not an entirely different season. No idea why it’s taking so long but I imagine, they’re thirsty for the money now, since whhhaattt? Diversity is good for business?

Back to Gemma and Dominic though –he’s single now that his relationship with Ruth Negga is over and Gemma is single after she and Jack Whitehall ended their six year situation a few months ago. So. Are you down? I guess I’m not not down. It’s just… when I was making a wish list of boyfriends for her (what? you mean you don’t have your list going yet?) Dominic Cooper was not a consideration. You want to see my list? I’ll show it to you even if you don’t. 

1. John David Washington, the star of BlacKkKlansman. Their movies are both making headlines right now. And … I’m assuming you haven’t been sleeping on JDW? If you haven’t already, check out how he comes through for his ma, Pauletta Washington, in this interview.

2.Garrett Hedlund. I know I don’t need to explain. Just picture how pretty they would look together. Speaking of pretty though…

3.Tim Chung. Who? Kylie Jenner’s bodyguard. A cop and a model. And ….um… have you seen him?!? No? Please. Let me enrich your life. This is currently my favourite Instagram account. 


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Oh my GOD, I can’t. 


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Are you praying to the Gossip Genie with me?!