Usually, Photo Assumption is not reliable. Photo Assumption is always fun but it’s typically based on a few frames that could mean nothing or everything. Photo Assumption is a gamble. Photos are circulating of Rihanna and Hassan Jameel aka Handsome Hassan in Mexico engaging in what looks like a very heated argument. 

Click here for more photos. If we’re playing our favourite game of jumping to conclusions built on body language and facial expressions alone, it looks like Rihanna is reading Hassan for filth. I am OBSESSED. It looks like Rihanna is cussing out Hassan while he meekly tries to hit back. He then walks away dejected, leaving Rihanna smoking and unbothered. It looks like Hassan was on some bullsh-t, Rihanna broke up with him and he flew her to Mexico to try to get her back but Rihanna is making it clear that he was just another “n---a on the hit list”.

Fuck your white horse and a carriage

This is the story that plays out over these photos. None of these photos show Rihanna or Hassan smiling or touching or anything resembling what we saw the last time they were spotted on vacation. These photos fit the narrative that Rihanna allegedly ending things with Hassan because she “gets tired of men sometimes” (I love this reason SO MUCH) and left him heartbroken. 

Those reports were never substantiated. Rihanna and Handsome Hassan have kept their sh-t locked their whole relationship. I don’t think they officially broke up. I also don’t think that an ex-couple would be on vacation in Mexico together. BUT let’s say it’s less dramatic than the scenario I imagined above. Let’s say Rihanna and Handsome Hassan are going through a rough patch and they flew to Mexico to work things out because, you know, billionaires. Let’s say these photos show a couple trying to hash out their issues and make up. They could have gone back to their hotel room and had HOT makeup sex. They could have laughed off the disagreement minutes later. This is why Photo Assumption is risky. It could be exactly what it looks like or it could be something else entirely. 

Without context, I would be inclined to redirect the narrative of these photos. I am a very animated debater. I could be defending my stance on Logan as Rory’s best boyfriend or Pine as the best Chris or Westworld as the WORST and I would look just like Rihanna, fingers pointed in your face, mouth open, and full on RAGING. Rihanna and Handsome Hassan are in a long term relationship. Arguments happen. Am I stretching? Whatever is happening and whatever they are fighting over, there is one thing that is absolutely not up for debate: Rihanna is right.