We’re already down to 10 queens in tonight’s episode even though it feels like we just started. The challenge this week is about the first ever “Draglympics.” At this point in the season, there are already some frontrunners in the competition (*cough* Yvie Oddly) and others who probably should start packing their bags (*cough* Rajah O’Hara). Tonight’s episode also features Adam Rippon as guest judge. Adam, if you recall, was the host of the Season 11 Train Wreck Ruveal where his lackluster interviewing made watching paint dry on growing grass seem like the finale of Game of Thrones. I wonder if he’s going to be more interesting and less “mayonnaise-y” for this episode. 

Last week, Ariel Versace decided to pull a Farrah Moan when she wiped out on stage in the middle of her lip-sync performance. Let’s cut her some slack though. Dancing in heels in a life or death scenario is stressful, so I’m amazed that more queens don’t fall. And she recovered marvelously. Since then, Ariel has also turned lemons of embarrassment into some fierce ass lemonade. Here she is performing at Roscoe’s in Chicago:


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She even started a #VersaceOnTheFloor contest for her fans. 


People have noticed that in the Season 11 promo, there’s a scene where Silky’s mic cord wraps around Ariel’s foot and trips her. 


Promos are created and directed after the entire show has already been filmed meaning that whoever is in charge is fully aware of all the gagworthy events of the season and the elimination order of the queens. Plus, aside from Season 8, this is the only season where the queens really interact with each other in the promo, especially in such a competitive way. I suspect that there are several clues hidden in the promo, and that perhaps we can even predict some of the upcoming moments in the season from it. 

Don’t believe me? In the promo, Silky is holding onto a giant mic because she is loud and constantly trying to get in the spotlight in the show. Brooke Lynn Hytes is walks on pointe like she did in the previous runway. Plastique is holding a huge makeup brush, because she’s largely regarded as a “looks” queen by many of the other competitors. Silky and Ariel had beef, and Silky was the one who “tripped” Ariel in the promo. Nina doesn’t fight anyone (which makes sense because I predicted that she’s going to be Miss Congeniality). And Kahanna just chills with her perfect abs, which is kinda what she did on the show. 


I think as the season continues, we’ll be able to pinpoint some of the other interactions that happen in the short one minute clip. For example, Rajah O’Hara pushes Scarlet Envy out of the way. Does this mean that she eliminates her in a lip sync? That would be a huge upset because Scarlet is doing well in this competition and Rajah, not so much. 

What I’m mostly interested in is that scene where Miss Vanjie cuts Brooke Lynn Hytes’s ribbon and she screams. 


We know that they’re an item, but Vanjie was very firm on where she stands last episode when she said, “I wanna make it crystal clear that ain’t no boy gonna come between me and the crown.” Does this mean that there’s going to be some dramatic fight this season? Is all that kai kai going to be Brooklyn’s weak point? We’re pretty much guaranteed a Branjie lip sync, so does Vanjie cutting Brooklyn’s ribbon mean that she’s the one who knocks her out of the competition? Brooklyn is a huge contender for the crown right now and riding high from her last win. With the Branjie storyline developing further each episode, I don’t think that Miss Vanjie cutting Brooklyn’s ribbon in the promo was a coincidence, or even an accident. The only question is, how bad is the damage?