As you may have heard, Prince Andrew’s been making headlines (though not enough of them) for his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, the pedophile rapist who went to prison and was a registered sex offender at the time of his mysterious death while in federal custody. Andrew and Buckingham Palace have vehemently denied that he joined in on Epstein’s crimes, although he can’t explain how and why he was photographed with his arm around one of Epstein’s victims. Andrew also claims that he might not be the dude in the photo because his fingers are fat. So where are we now? 

He stepped out the other day for an event in Dartmouth and he’s supposed to be travelling to Northern Ireland next week but he’s been disinvited from a few appearances. Per Sky News:

Several of Prince Andrew's public engagements in Northern Ireland have been cancelled, as a direct result of recent publicity about his relationship with the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Sky News understands that organisers withdrew their invitations, with one expressing concerns that his presence would "change the narrative" surrounding their event.

He’s still scheduled to attend a youth golf tournament because it’s called the Duke of York tournament and takes place at a club where he’s a member and while that seems inappropriate considering the scandal he’s trying to distance himself from, golf people are…well… golf clubs are about as “old boys” as it gets which is so frustrating because it’s often hard to separate the community from the sport. Playing the sport is fun. The f-cking bullsh-t around the sport is assholes. 

But still, when have you ever heard of a British royal being DISINVITED from an event? The whole point of being them, being royal, is that they get to decide who’s invited and who’s not invited. That they, supposedly, are the most elite, that they’re the gatekeepers of special. And now, embarrassingly, the second son of Queen Elizabeth, longest reigning monarch of Britain, is the one being told not to come.

This is SO embarrassing. Really, really embarrassing. Her Majesty is HIS MOTHER! And he’s been disinvited! You’d think this would be a big ass story in the Daily Mail. Like if this had happened to Meghan Markle, they’d have it sitting on top of their website all day, regardless of all the shouting that’s happening in Parliament. This would be the headline:


(Which is basically the implied headline every time they post a headline about her.) Where’s Andrew’s headline? 


Not seeing that anywhere. But that’s the facts. In Northern Ireland, at a few events, he’s unwelcome. The Unwelcome Prince With The Fat Fingers.