Earlier this week, Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed a civil suit against Prince Andrew, SON OF THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND, for sexual abuse when she was a minor. Which has to be one of the biggest scandals that the British royal family – and they’ve had their fair share – has been involved in, right? His mother is the monarch, and there he was, island hopping and going for walks in New York with a known rapist pedophile. And photographed with his arm around teenagers in the presence of accused sex traffickers. Good look! You only wish the British tabloids and the royal rota would put the same energy into their criticism about this than, say, what a couple honour-names their baby. But you know this already. 


Buckingham Palace has not commented on Andrew. But maybe they don’t have to. Because he was seen arriving at Balmoral with Sarah Ferguson for a stay with Her Majesty yesterday – the Daily Mail has the photos. Well, this is no surprise. 

It’s long been known that Andrew is indulged by the Queen. And for much of his life this has been his protective shield through his various shenanigans and f-ckups. Since it is the duty of the court, and those who serve it, ie the Crown, to please the Queen, it means the entire royal institution, by extension acts as a forcefield for him too. Which is interesting because, you know, the same courtiers often won’t do sh-t to protect other members of the family from harassment and yet here they are, when Andrew’s being accused of criminal behaviour, and all the fortress walls go up and the swords are sharpened to assist him. 


That said, how much longer will he enjoy the favour of the Crown? The Queen is 95 years old. There’s been speculation that behind the scenes she’s already handed off a lot to Prince Charles. And Charles, as we’ve seen through the years, has moved to curb Andrew’s privileges. So of course it benefits Andrew right now to be in mummy’s company, presumably to get up in her face and simper, to make sure that he’s taken care of. To make sure that she insists that Charles take care of him. 

As for Fergie, her book, Her Heart for a Compass, LOLOLOLOL, just came out a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure the publisher is loving these headlines and these associations. It wasn’t doing well before the lawsuit was filed, despite Fergie hustling across media outlets. And now? This definitely isn’t helping. But she’s the family breadwinner now. She needs these book deals. Because Andrew isn’t bringing in sh-t.