Harry and Meghan of House Sussex have been making headlines the last couple of days but let’s not forget about Prince Andrew – because why should he be excluded from the fun? It’s one thing to be caught up over the contentiousness between the Sussexes and the media but none of that is anywhere near as scandalous as the Queen’s second son’s relationship with a dead rapist pedophile. 

Speaking of Jeffrey Epstein, on Monday, one of his accusers, Courtney Wild, filed an appeal to “throw out the controversial non-prosecution agreement” that protected many of Epstein’s alleged associates from prosecution. Now that Epstein is dead, many of his victims are calling out the powerful people who either enabled him or conspired with him, or both. Jezebel has a good summary here about why it’s taking so long to make this happen. 

Virginia Roberts Giuffre is one of the women who’s come forward to name the men she was trafficked to by Jeffrey Epstein. That list includes Prince Andrew. Yesterday Page Six reported that she wants the “anonymous man” in the Ghislaine Maxwell lawsuit to be revealed. Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged madam. She’s standing near Virginia and Prince Andrew in that now infamous photo. The “anonymous man” asked the court in early September to not release his identity and the “identities of others accused – because it could tarnish their reputation”. Right now we don’t know what his involvement is or any details about who he is but, clearly, Virginia and her legal team are insisting he knows something; they’re pursuing all of this to seek justice and part of that justice is to be acknowledged for telling the truth. The truth for them being that they were sex trafficked by Epstein to his associates and, in Virginia’s case, that Prince Andrew was a part of that circle. 

As for the circle, Vanity Fair published a new piece this week about how Jeffrey Epstein created that circle of wealth and privilege and depravity, and his “grift” – the way he played people off one another and the way he positioned himself as the one to know. It’s fascinating insight into the world of wealthy egos, a world that Prince Andrew, at one time at least, considering that he hung out at so many of Epstein’s homes, spent time in. 

So there’s your Prince Andrew update! Here he is in Australia yesterday continuing to recruit entrepreneurs for Pitch@Palace.