Prince Andrew, who was friends with the dead rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged co-sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, is being sued by one of Epstein and Maxwell’s victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre for sexual assault from when she was 17 years old. Andrew has supposedly been hiding out at Balmoral, not a euphemism for “behind his mother’s skirt” but it totally could be, so as to avoid being served. There were reports that the documents were delivered to his Windsor residence, Royal Lodge, and accepted by security but his legal insists that he hasn’t been formally served and now…the High Court is involved!


Per the BBC

“The Hague Service Convention, a treaty that governs requests between countries for evidence in civil or commercial matters, allows Ms Giuffre's legal team to ask the High Court in London to formally notify Prince Andrew about her civil action.

The High Court had initially rejected their request, citing an issue with the application, but later said: "The lawyers acting for Ms Giuffre have now provided further information to the High Court, and the High Court has accepted the request for service under the Hague Service Convention.

"The legal process has not yet been served but the High Court will now take steps to serve under the convention, unless service is arranged by agreement between the parties."

The highest court in the land has paperwork about a lawsuit involving the Queen’s child raping a then teenager! So…Prince Andrew, the second son of the reigning monarch, the Queen of England, will be SERVED BY THE HIGH COURT! 


Can you run from the High Court? 

While the UK tabloids spend their energy today bitching about Harry and Meghan making the TIME 100, Her Majesty’s favourite son now has to dodge the High Court – or can he? I don’t think the High Court is dodgeable. So the humiliation, which was already at an all-time high, is now even worse. 

This family, held up as the most proper, with the most class (as IF), now has to deal with the High Court serving one of its members – how many times can you say “good look!”? 

As for what’s next? Well, outrage over whatever they can fictionalise to outrage over Harry and Meghan. And, as these British royals love to do, avoid, and pretend it’s not there, downplay the fact that one of their own has been ACCUSED OF RAPE. And definitely more dodging and hiding. At this rate, he may never leave the Queen’s side.