Before and during the pandemic lockdown, the couple that most people have been most curious about is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They’re now living in LA on what’s been described as a “secluded compound”. No one knows exactly where this is. They’ve not yet started a new Instagram account or launched a website. They’re no longer working with anyone at Buckingham Palace in England so none of the viper courtiers can leak sh-t about them. But we’ve been told that they’re still active behind the scenes – and we now know that Harry was on a Zoom call in support of WellChild, an organisation he’s patronised for many years, to talk to staff, volunteers, parents, and kids about how they’re doing during this global health crisis: 


Over in America, we’re finding out today that they’ve also been delivering meals. On Easter Sunday and yesterday, Harry and Meghan volunteered with Project Angel Food to provide meals to those who are too sick to be able to shop for food or cook for themselves. Many of these clients are living with HIV/AIDS. One of the recipients, Dan Tyrell, recognised the Sussexes and shared the story with, which is now probably getting more web traffic than they’ve ever had before, at the time of this writing, the site has crashed. 

PEOPLE has reached out to Project Angel’s Richard Ayoub who confirms that Harry and Meghan delivered 20 meals over 2 days to people in need. Apparently they met with chefs and staff to learn about the food preparation process and how the organisation works. Richard also shared that it was Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, who told her that Project Angel needed help and it was then determined that they could relieve the driver volunteers. Dan Tyrell said that Harry and Meghan were both dressed casually and wearing masks and had security with them. 

Can we go back to the video of Harry with Well Child? Presumably this is the first time we’re seeing him in their LA home. There’s nothing in the shot to give away what the place really looks like or where it is – it’s about as non-descript as possible – if that’s even where they’re staying. 


But while we don’t know much about their place, we now know what Harry’s Zoom style is. What’s your Zoom style? Do you bother with makeup? Do you stay in sweats? Do you do your hair? Harry’s still got a button-down shirt on but… there’s been no effort with the hair. Or the angle of the shot. This way you can see that Archie inherited his dad’s face shape. 

Speaking of Archie, Harry shared with the Well Child crew that during lockdown, he’s been spending time “rolling around in hysterics” with his son. Archie’s first birthday is coming up soon, May 6. Do you think they’ll release a new photo or nah?