Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were back at work yesterday meeting with young people and volunteers for Coach Core at Loughborough University but on the weekend, according to the Evening Standard via PEOPLE, they were in Amsterdam. 

Meghan and Harry jetted to Amsterdam to celebrate the launch of celebrity hangout Soho House’s newest location, according to the Evening Standard. The invite list for the getaway weekend, which reportedly included pampering treatments at the spa and a lobster spaghetti dinner, was full of other A-list guests like Eddie Redmayne, Stanley Tucci and Jenna Coleman.

In addition to doubling as a 55th birthday celebration for Soho House founder Nick Jones, the kickoff party included a tour of Amsterdam’s red-light district (which the Evening Standard notes was not attended by Meghan and Harry) as well as a boat ride through the Dutch city’s famous canals.

The connection here is likely Markus Anderson, who works with Soho House and became close with Meghan at Soho House in Toronto. Some think Markus was the one who set up Harry and Meghan in the first place. While that has never been confirmed, for sure Markus facilitated the relationship in its early days – he was with Meghan at the Invictus Games Opening Ceremony in Toronto and was sat in the inner chamber at the wedding and you know how exclusive those spots were. 

Royal Meghan is scheduled today for her first solo public appearance at the Oceania exhibit. This comes a week after the launch of her first solo project which has become a bestselling cookbook. I like the work strategy that we’re seeing here. I like how all of this has been timed. That we’re seeing back to back personal statements from Meghan as we move deeper into the post-wedding phase of her role. 

What I don’t like is that outfit she wore yesterday. Peplums are such a specific style vibe, specifically of the Housewives of X City style vibe. Same goes for these pants. I don’t know if this is the look for the Duchess of Sussex. Very curious to see what she ends up in later tonight.