The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, stepped out in Sussex today. And as you can see, the people showed up. I love this shot of Harry stepping up to greet schoolkids, the way he makes goofy monster hands above the barricade before squatting down to talk to them. 

And here’s a video Royal Meghan during the walkabout, talking to some kids and their teachers after receiving an A-Z of Sussex so you can obsess over whether or not she now has an English accent. Note however that she still says “Z” the American way. 

In addition to spending time with members of the community, Harry and Meghan also viewed an original copy, one of only two, of the American Declaration of Independence. It’s called the Sussex Declaration which, of course, makes Harry’s dukedom even more fitting. 

As always, the Sussexes seem super relaxed and engaged. I’ve not yet seen any of their signature PDA yet but Royal Meghan had a cute moment when she broke into giggles, reacting to the screams of the crowds behind them while they were meeting the mayor and the bishop:

Also, here’s a cute photo of Meghan smiling affectionately up at Harry:


That’s a money shot right there. And she’s given up a lot of them today. Look how pretty she is, even in lab goggles:


Every time we see her she seems that much more comfortable with the role. And the timing couldn’t be better. Their first tour abroad happens in two weeks.