As you know, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have spent much of the month on holiday, starting in Botswana on her birthday August 4th and ending in Zambia at Victoria Falls. They’ve managed to stay pretty undercover – so far no photos and few day-to-day details about how they spent their time. After three weeks away though, Harry and Meghan are back. They flew into London this morning from Zambia. I have a friend who happened to be on the Heathrow Express with them, in the same carriage. (I KNOW, right? I have taken that train so many times – WHY NOT ME!? Anyway, for those of you who’ve not been to London and are wondering why they’d take the Heathrow Express instead of private driver, it’s wayyyy faster. And Harry, as we’ve heard, enjoys living as “regularly” as he can.)

They sat across from each other separated by a small table and my friend said they seemed super cute, on their phones the whole time, but looking up at each other and smiling often because it was obviously that they were actually texting each other. For those of you who need the extra, extra details, they were both in jeans, she was wearing a white button down shirt open over a tank or a black tee and he looked to be in a grey Henley and they were both wearing baseball caps and carried dufflebags. There were a few casually dressed security with them.

Harry is home in time to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the death of his mother, Princess Diana. He, Prince William, and Kate will be touring the garden at Kensington Palace tomorrow.