Over the last few weeks, any headlines about Prince William and Catherine in the English countryside have involved turnips and drama. For months now, the upper class in Norfolk has been gossiping about why Kate isn’t friends with Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, anymore. And there are rumours that there may have been an affair. A few of the lower tier American tabloids have been all over the story and, well, you’ve probably seen a lot of speculation on Twitter but the UK papers have avoided it, reportedly because they’ve been warned by the royal legal team

The Cambridges spent the weekend in Norfolk. The kids are currently on Easter break and Will and Kate were seen with Big G and Charlotte at the Burnham Market horse trials with Zara and Mike Tindall and their children, Mia and Lena. 

These photos are, indeed, adorable. And, you’ll note, we’ve been allowed to see them. Will and Kate, as you know, are particular about when their children can be photographed. They’ve sent letters in the past to have pictures pulled from publication. This set of shots, however, specifically this set of shots at this particular time are evidently not a problem. Coincidence or conspiracy?

So what are we looking at here? We’re seeing the little prince and princess having a great time, and Big G getting on great with his cousin Mia. Everyone, in fact, is getting on great. Kate might not be hanging out anymore with Rose but she’s clearly close with Zara, and Will is clearly close with Mia, whose riding on his shoulders and holding on to his ears. Message: the Cambridges have plenty of other people to socialise with and plenty of people who enjoy their company. Also House Cambridge is as stable as ever. Noted. 

Are you curious as to how this happened though? Was a photographer always planning on attending the horse trials to get some pictures of Zara or… were they conveniently tipped off? Also, when we complain about the tabloids, do we also make deals with them in exchange for burying other stories? Or does that only happen with Hollywood celebrities and not British royalty?