It’s been, what?, three weeks since the Sun reported that Princess Kate and Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley mysteriously aren’t friends anymore? Shortly after, there was a lot of rumouring on social media about what, exactly, led to the breakup of the Turnip Toffs. And then, even though the British tabloids were all sniffing at it, there was very little follow-up.

Last week, I posted the cover of the new issued of In Touch Weekly, not a reliable publication by any stretch but the first US magazine to put the House Cambridge turnip drama on the front page. I wondered at the time whether or not the British papers would take the opportunity to now go for it since, you know, another outlet did it for them. Nothing. 

This is honourable of them (not that they’ve shown any honour towards Meghan Markle, but sure) but now The Daily Beast is reporting on what’s going on behind the scenes in British media:

Here’s my favourite paragraph:

The suggestion, hotly denied by the palace, that William was in some kind of relationship with another woman, has, however, become a widely traded piece of dinner party gossip at British society gatherings in recent months. 

Unsubstantiated it may have been, but the gossip spread like wildfire in part because the Cholmondeleys are one of the grandest families in Britain.

The royals have been able to legally shut down the media from talking about the rumours but can they stop the chatter at the dinner parties? After all, that’s where all of this originated and, it would seem, these high class upstairs people with their fancy china have been talking about it for months. Probably some of the same aristocrats sniping about how Royal Meghan isn’t good enough to join their kind. These people can be just as trash as Samantha Markle. 

House Cambridge has been trying to contain this situation now for two weeks. Just when it seems like it’s burning out, someone keeps it going. What’s this going to look like next week?