Prince William and Catherine named a boat after Sir David Attenborough today even though the public voted overwhelmingly in favour to name it Boaty McBoatface. This is funny, I know, in a something-that-makes-you-chuckle-while-you’re-scrolling-through-Twitter way but sometimes jokes last too long, right? There’s been way too much focus on that prank which only means it’ll result in more pranks like it. 

Anyway, Will and Kate were there for the ceremony and it looked like a beautiful day by the water and this is a perfect outfit for the occasion. Not my favourite colour but probably the ideal, and obvious, colour for the event, and exactly the right cut, and it’s a re-wear but she’s made it feel fresh. 

This is exactly the kind of ceremonial activity that you expect to see British royals participating in: tea parties, boat namings – safe and uncontroversial, which is the Cambridge brand, by necessity. William will be king one day. He has to keep the old ass traditionalists happy and appeal to the youth, but not push too quickly into modern territory so as to not alienate the pearl clutchers. It’s a delicate balance. 

That said, William and Harry speak often of how they take inspiration from their mother. And Princess Diana, while not without her flaws, in her time, took some risks. She shook the hands of AIDS patients. She brought awareness to causes that would not have been legitimised without her involvement, causes that some in her position would have been afraid to be associated with. That’s why the work that Will, Harry, and Kate initiated for mental health was so refreshing. And I wonder, going forward, now that House Cambridge is independent and is in the first year of building its own brand, what other similar projects Will and Kate will be taking on going forward that matches that spirit – alongside the boat naming events and the like that they have to commit to to carry on the tradition.