They can be dull sometimes, the Cambridges, non? Of course sometimes they have to be. Prince William and Catherine will be King and Queen one day. They’re probably held to a standard and a set of expectations even higher than other royals. Today, though, as they stepped out in London for the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit, there was no dullness on display. They were definitely not boring. In fact, it’s maybe the most animated we’ve seen them as they showed up to support mental health awareness, a cause that has been a major priority on their list of patronages. I noticed it first in this video of Kate speaking to a group of young women: 

Notice how loose she is, how relaxed she is, not only with her hand gestures but also with how she’s moving her shoulders around, her head movements. I’m not saying it’s totally new, I’m just saying it’s not stiff, not at all. And there’s even more of that in this next video when she and William join artist Dairo Vargos: 


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I don’t mean the broad laughter which is lovely, yes, because her smile is so bright and warm but it’s how casually she spoke there, did you hear it? While motioning with the paint brush, “Yeah, I’ll just do it here…yeh?

Not YES.

But yeah. And yeh? 

And then the playful “Fine?” afterwards and looking around in amusement. Now here’s a girl who might know about mischief. That’s not to say that she’s mischievous all the time, but it’s also not entirely unfamiliar to her. Cute, right? 

Will and Kate will be at Princess Eugenie’s wedding at Windsor Castle on Friday. Big G and Charlotte will be with them. Which means probably there will be no Cambridge casualness, not only because it’s not the time for it but also because there’s no time for relaxation when Big G’s big fist has to be monitored at all times.