This is the cover of the latest issue of In Touch Weekly.  In Touch isn’t typically a reliable source for reliable gossip. In Touch probably gets one thing right every six months, if that. But, reliable or not, they may have just given life to a story that House Cambridge was hoping would go away. 

A brief recap: a couple of a weeks ago, The Sun in the UK published a story about the “Turnip toffs”, in the English countryside involving Kate Middleton and her strained friendship with Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. According to the report, Kate and Rose are no longer friends…and that was it, no one could say why. That, of course, led to all kinds of speculation about why Kate and Rose broke up and whether or not William had anything to do with it. Certain members of the British media were tweeting and deleting sh-t, implying a major scandal was about to blow. Reporters were heading to Norfolk trying to see if they could get the turnips to talk and take new photos of Rose. Twitter threads were posted, theorising as to what could have possibly happened. 

Despite all that, the UK papers, and we all know the UK papers can get DIRTY, weren’t following up. Either they really couldn’t find anything else out and decided to be honourable or they were getting warned. 

But now, now that an American publication has put this on the cover, I wonder if this changes the game. Because the UK media can argue that they should be able to mention what another outlet is mentioning. They can’t be origin of the story but they can probably point to someone else’s story, if only to be like, oh this is what In Touch is saying and In Touch is trash but… look at what they’re saying. Or not. Maybe the UK papers will ignore In Touch completely. Maybe In Touch is too full of sh-t, even for the Daily Mail. Something to keep an eye on for the next 24 hours.