Thanks for all your messages about our site situation. We should be fully back to normal now – and staying vigilant! It’s been really helpful though to have your support. We are all gossip crusaders! 

There’s supposedly an “A-lister” with a #MeToo past who’s been sending photos of his dick to couples hoping that the recipients will want to invite his dick over to play. Apparently he’s smiling in these shots, unsolicited obviously, like that will help his cause. I have a question about the “A-list” designation because what I consider to be “A-list” is maybe not what you would consider to be “A-list”. I work with people who would consider Scott Disick “A-list” because they’re obsessed with the Kardashians. Not that I’m saying it’s him – I don’t think it’s him – but I’m using him as an example because… depending on how you define “A-list”, this might not be all that exciting, you know? (Dlisted) 

Katy Cambridge put on her favourite tiara last night to join the Queen at a reception. The event was dripping in crowns and jewels, because the British royals are great at crowns and jewels and glamourising their royalness. Which they need right now so that we can stop thinking about Prince Andrew being the crown jewel of Jeffrey Epstein’s influential friend group. Kate looks great in blue velvet but, once again, she’s wearing her hair in a style that should be retired forever. (Cele|bitchy) 

Lupita Nyong’o looks amazing in this outfit and this walking pose. Which reminds me a little of Marion Kelly, that adorable little girl who interrupted her dad’s interview on the BBC a couple of years ago, remember? I want them to meet! (Go Fug Yourself) 
Have you seen Knives Out yet? It’s great, right? I love it. And I love how … free… Daniel Craig is in it. He’s a ham. Extra AF. And, clearly, enjoying it. As much as he enjoyed hamming it up in Logan Lucky. More comedies post Bond? Kayleigh Donaldson explores Daniel’s work and work potential after 007. (Pajiba) 

Justin Bieber promised something in 2020 and it was trending yesterday because his fans have waited too long for new music. It has been a while. And we know he’s been in the studio. I’ll be over here waiting for Adele and Rihanna. (E! Online)