Prince William and Kate were at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park today in East London in support and celebration of the 10th anniversary of Coach Core, a training programme for coaches and emerging athletes. Kate wore a blue blazer, unmistakably Chanel. Like I would be surprised if it’s not Chanel, though I’m not certain which season. I don’t see it in the current collection so this is probably from an older collection but whether it’s new or old, it’s pricey. This blazer is a Chanel signature, it is considered iconic, a wardrobe classic, will never go out of style, which is why it’s an investment, and even the pre-owned pieces are often sold for several thousand dollars. 


The blazer fits her perfectly as do the trousers. It’s a solid look, if not a little safe. Chanel has released variations on its timeless blazer in much less conservative colour-ways the last few years. That’s why I’m inclined to think this is vintage, because I’ve not seen them use this shade of blue that often, without a mix, in a few years. If I could, I’d put her in the current pink and brown version - look how gorgeous that is. 

But back to business and the business of being the Prince and Princess of Wales. William is said to be quite involved in the planning for the King’s coronation in May. So when I wrote in my previous royal post today about the new season of The Crown premiering in a few weeks, for sure it’ll be a concern for him too. That’s the professional side of it. On the personal side, these are his parents and their combustion of his parents’ marriage on full display. William and Prince Harry were probably too young to know how messy it was out in public back when it was all going down but for both of them, it can’t be at all pleasant to know that the ugliness of that time is about to re-enter the cultural conversation. And only they would truly understand how that would feel for the other. Then again, Harry has compared his wife Meghan’s experience to Diana’s, repeatedly using the phrase “history repeating itself”. What are the chances that William might learn something from The Crown about how his sister-in-law has been treated? 


And what will it be like for both William and Kate when they themselves are depicted on the show? Season five of The Crown drops on November 9 but they’re filming season six right now. Season six will cover the early days of William and Kate’s courtship and it was announced last month who would be playing them as young adults. 

Rufus Kampa will be William during his early teen years and Ed McVey will play the version of William when he meets Kate at St Andrews. 


And this is Meg Bellamy who’ll be Kate Middleton, coincidentally wearing a Chanel-ish outfit in her post after the announcement was made:


What exactly will they include about Will and Kate in the storyline? Will we see William during his partying and player days at Mahiki with Guy Pelly? Will we see Kate modelling the infamous sheer dress in the fashion show? Will The Crown include the detail about how Kate changed universities so that she could study where William was heading? Will they show how he broke up with her and how she was living single before getting back together? I mean that could be their own rom-com. And, frankly, they would benefit from getting The Crown rom-com treatment. So I’m curious, if it actually goes down like that, whether or not the tabloids will be bitching about that when the time comes. Or will the Daily Mail be full of praise for The Crown at that point?