Princess Kate stepped out again today, this time in Nottingham, continuing the Wales’s work for Mental Health Day. Interestingly enough, she wore this outfit a day after Meghan Markle turned up in New York City with Prince Harry, also for World Mental Health Day, in white. I’m not getting in that mess. Instead, I would like to carry on the conversation I started yesterday about Kate’s makeup. 


This white set? It’s lovely on her. A sweater and a matching skirt, it looks soft and comfortable, the best fit I’ve seen on her in a while. But then…

That eye makeup again, OMG. 

As I said yesterday, the product and the technique are SO dated. This is giving 2000s – and while some sh-t from the 2000s has returned, this is not it. This is like the four palette they used to sell back in the day: two darks, two neutrals, with no texture. It’s 2002 TV news anchor makeup. So, basically, Kate’s doing her eye makeup like a local anchor woman from two decades ago. 

Today’s look is a slight improvement over yesterday, no doubt. But it’s still not good. And the reason it’s not good is the same – there’s no glow! She has on such a beautiful light outfit… and the eyes are dimming all that potential!


So, again, can someone just hook her up with a champagne palette? Shaby, the makeup artist I work with at ETALK talked about it this morning when she was doing my face. It took us a minute, less, to find this Charlotte Tilbury, for example, that would be lovely on Kate, especially with what she’s wearing. All you need is a well-blended combination of the top two shades (blend, Kate, blend!), and it goes on sheer – just a hint of rose-gold champagne on the lid, and a touch, subtle, on the lower lash line, then some mascara, and a soft, soft pink on the lip, like a nude pink, and I’m telling you, it would open up her eyes, it would dial the light back up, everything would just pop. And she’d actually be wearing less makeup than she is now. 

Because now? If you take a look at her lids? 

Catherine, Princess of Wales during a visit to Nottingham Trent University to learn about their mental health support system on October 11, 2023 in Nottingham, England

There’s not enough blend, it’s making me crazy. It’s also, to go back to technique and style, and outdated shape of how eyeshadow is applied these days, with how she’s contoured around the eye. Seriously, though, why is she so married to this makeup?