Prince William and Kate Middleton stepped out last night to attend the Royal Variety performance in support of the Royal Variety Charity celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Queen’s patronage. The organisation supports entertainers, most of them seniors. 


Kate wore one of her favourite designers – a Jenny Packham green glitter column dress which is a repeat from a trip to Pakistan in 2019. It’s a lovely colour on her and fits in with the season. Sparkly green, very holiday. Just not Mariah Carey holiday. Green is almost never a Mimi Christmas colour. I mean of course there’s some green in the vicinity, but our Mimi doesn’t know green. It’s red, gold or silver, and white for Mimi at Christmas. No green. 

Back to Kate and her look, a good look overall, but as usual, for me at least when it comes to Kate, it’s the hair. I love the side-sweep on her, but can we brush out the waves?! They look like they were left to hang straight off the iron, in the exact sectioned pieces coming off the iron. Hair often does this with heat. It prefers to stay divided in its heat sections – which is why you wait for it to cool and then brush or run through as much as you can with your fingers to achieve that separation. Most hair artists I know are all over this sh-t because wave-clumping dates a hairstyle, and it’s still not one of those styles that has come back on trend. Kate’s wave clumps are very 80s, which is kind of her hair vibe a lot of the time with her various off-trend updos. I’m not saying she has to take it straight from the runway but it’d be great if her hair wasn’t stuck in a past era. 


In other Will and Kate news, Newsweek is reporting today that royal experts have weighed in on Jason Knauf providing the Mail on Sunday with emails and messages helping their appeal in the lawsuit with Meghan Markle. Jason worked with the Cambridges, closely, for years and as I wrote in my post last week about Jason’s “evidence” and Meghan’s witness statement, it’s worth noting with NDAs and all kinds of privacy requirements how unlikely it was that Jason would have gone rogue in providing the Mail with all his correspondence. Basically these experts are saying that for sure Jason would have had signoff from Will and Kate to do what he did which, to be clear, is helping a TABLOID against Will and Kate’s brother and sister-in-law. Not that there was any question that that’s how it went down. But just a reminder of the kind of sh-t that Will and Kate seem to be endorsing.