Priyanka Chopra was confirmed as the female lead in Cowboy Ninja Viking yesterday with Chris Pratt. The movie will be released next summer. Which sort of also explains this tweet from last week:

At the time, it was understood that the tweet was about Priyanka and Nick Jonas’s engagement and not related to casting news. The casting news makes a lot more sense. Just because Nick proposed to her wouldn’t mean she couldn’t do Ali Abbas Zafar’s film. Working on a big budget Hollywood studio picture, however, would definitely be a scheduling conflict. 

So does that mean she and Nick aren’t engaged? If they’re not engaged, what was he doing shutting down Tiffany? Both could be true then, non? 

I feel like this new role though might be more exciting. That’s a lot of profile – being in a Universal summer release which is blockbuster season. And not as a supporting character but the female lead. A South Asian woman as the lead in a summer blockbuster opposite one of the most “all-American” actors in the business. It’s visibility. It’s inclusion. It’s good news. There’s a LOT of good news for Priyanka lately.