Has anyone done better than Sarah Cooper in quarantine? Her TikTok videos mocking Trump became a viral sensation, this week she guest-hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live, and now she is getting a variety special on Netflix. Cooper didn’t exactly spring out of nowhere – she is a comedian and the author of two books, the first of which, 100 Tricks to Appear Smart In Meetings was itself the result of a viral blog post, but she successfully parlayed her viral fame into traditional media projects, the dream of every Paul brother. 


The special is called Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine, and it will premiere this fall. The variety show will feature guests and interviews, sketches, “and more”. It is to be directed by Natasha Lyonne, and is produced by Cooper, Lyonne, Maya Rudolph, and SNL writing veteran Paula Pell (who has a new murder mystery show coming to Quibi, goddammit now I might have to watch Quibi), among others. I’m excited to see what Cooper can do beyond the lip sync videos. Those are great, especially the reaction cutaways, but it is just one joke, essentially, told on repeat. In her JKL monologue this week, Cooper lands several solid jokes, and indication of what she can do as a standup, even if comedic monologues with no audience reactions are inherently creepy and weird.


I’m also interested to see what Natasha Lyonne does with a variety show. Given the strangeness of the times, it’s hard to imagine this will be a typical variety format. Throughout the summer, Cooper has succeeded in making us laugh at the insane daily terror coming from the US president. I hope she can bring that energy into the fall. We’re going to need the laughs as campaign season really gets into gear, and I am low-key looking forward to the concession speech lip sync. Oh god, I hope I didn’t just jinx it.

Check out Sarah Cooper’s JKL monologue here: