As I wrote yesterday in my post about Keanu Reeves, we have to take the delight where we can get it – and you know who’s all about giving? Our Queen of All Feelings, Celine Dion. And she’s making headlines in an unexpected space: movies!

It was announced yesterday that Priyanka Chopra and Sam Heughan will star in a romantic movie called Text For You about a woman who is mourning the death of her fiancé and keeps texting his old number and Sam is the person who has the new number and… 


You know what happens next. It’s a romance. They meet and fall in love. All that’s important here is that their Fairy Godmother of Love will be played by Celine Dion. We think. What’s known at this point, per Entertainment Weekly, is that the couple bonds over Celine’s music. BECAUSE OF COURSE THEY DO. WHAT ELSE WOULD THEY FALL IN LOVE OVER? 

The songs are all there!

When Priyanka realises she’s opening her heart up to the possibility of love again, we’ll hear “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”. When she and Sam have conflict somewhere in the third act and call it all, and he realises what a mistake he made, he’ll get into the car, while “I Drove All Night” plays on the ride. When they declare their eternal commitment to each other at the end of the movie, and all their friends gather around in celebration, “That’s The Way It is” will be the track that plays in the credits, with Celine in the spotlight, on a stage, power ballad-ing us to the very end. 



So will Celine’s character be …herself? Or will she be some other version of Celine Dion even though we know it’s Celine Dion? 

Can she act? 


Celine is already the Queen of All Feelings, she doesn’t need to be good at acting and, frankly, she won’t be, nobody is expecting this to happen. Because Celine is at all times only one thing: Celine. It’s impossible for her to play anyone else. That said, the story shouldn’t call for her to be anyone else! The whole point of getting Celine Dion to be in your movie is so that Celine can be Celine. Let Celine be Celine!


And hurry the f-ck up with this – safely, of course, with all precautions because the Queen of All Feelings MUST BE PROTECTED. The world has been waiting for this. It’s been an uphill climb, and we’re feeling sorry. But we have to know it’ll come to us. 

"Don't surrender
Cause you can win
In this thing called love”