In a time of Extreme Streaming™, watching TV is not a passive thing; it’s an outlet for energy and it’s also a talking point, particularly for those who feel squirrely right now. 

With that, streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu are capitalizing on the eyeballs, dropping a steady stream of new series (like Tiger King and Little Fires Everywhere). And even though it’s absolutely in their favour, it’s interesting to watch them spin it as being an altruistic gift to their audience. “Here we are to save the day, providing a service you pay for. You’re welcome!” On the flip side, Andy Cohen has declined to release full seasons of Real Housewives, not wanting to f-ck up the flow. He knows what the audience wants is not in-line with the long-term health of his brand. 

You would think with the thirst for new content that Quibi, a streaming site that is big on budget and talent, would be jumping on the opportunity of a captive audience. The launch is April 6 but traditional press junkets, interviews, and professionally produced promo videos are out of the question for the foreseeable future so how do they use their bold name roster to their advantage? They will need to rely heavily on social media, particularly for stars with a built-in audience. It makes sense that one of their leaders will be Chrissy Teigen. Her new show, Chrissy’s Court has a new 35 second trailer – the show looks just like you would expect: irreverent, silly, petty, and high energy. Chrissy is not litigating custody disputes, unless people are fighting for custody of a burrito. 

Here’s how much value she brings to the table: Quibi posted the trailer on Twitter, and at the time of writing it had about 2.2k likes. Chrissy posted a photo of herself as a judge and it’s got over 45k likes.


She continued to post promotional tweets over the last few days and has tens of thousands of likes. She also offered judgements. Here are some of her possibly controversial decisions. 

A hotdog is a species of sandwich. Strongly disagree, Your Honour. I would appeal.

A FaceTime introduction without warning absolutely deserves punishment. Wise.

This couple requires intervention. Who leaves a garbage can outside like that? Garbage cans need to be tucked away, hidden underneath the sink or in a cupboard. Why? Because it’s literal garbage!!!! I would consider jail time.

Obviously these are hot button issues, the kind that eat away at our goodwill when dealing with coworkers or spouses or roommates. 

When Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman were betting on a $2 billion streaming platform, did they ever envision it being reliant on Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter feed? They are actually quite lucky that they signed someone with such a reach. But I wonder if she gets a Rona Bonus for all this extra work she’s putting in.