Rachel Brosnahan’s promotional wardrobe for the new season of Mrs Maisel is strong. My favourite is the Valentino pyjama-ish set with the mary-janes but this monochrome mustard look is excellent too. I do agree with the Fug Girls though about the boots. I don’t mind the colour – the colour is great – but it’s the shape of the toe that bothers me. (Go Fug Yourself) 


The celebrity NFT movement has added Brie Larson to its lineup. This was a disappointment to some people. But on Friday there seemed to be some kind of famous women NFT push with several female stars seemingly repping at the same time. Coincidence or conspiracy? (Dlisted) 

Oscar nominations are happening tomorrow. And the Razzie nominations have been announced. I laughed at the entire Bruce Willis category and I think there are a lot of critics who would agree with Dustin here about Ben Affleck, including Sarah, because he was terrific in The Last Duel. (Pajiba) 

The British tabloids are trying to come for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for not publicly acknowledging the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. But if they did it publicly instead of privately they would have been told that they should have done it privately. Is there ever any winning? (Cele|bitchy) 

I baked this weekend because it’s been a sh-tty few weeks and baking always improves my mood. The banana walnut cookies turned out great – because now I have a cookie scoop! It’s the best thing ever. Anyway I want to bake again this weekend and this chocolate chunk cookie cake looks interesting but… will it be super sweet? It looks very, very sweet and dense. (Eater)