Game Night opens this weekend, a comedy for those who might not want to see Black Panther (for the third or fourth time). I posted about Game Night when the trailer came out in November – it looked good! And, so far, the reviews aren’t bad. It’s currently sitting at over 80% on Rotten Tomatoes and a decent-ish 70%, at last check, on Metacritic

Here are Jason Bateman, Kyle Chandler, and other members of the cast at the Game Night premiere last night. But no Rachel McAdams. Jason and Rachel are the two biggest names attached to this movie. I’ve checked with a few people who attended the junket recently and they didn’t see her there either. If she was actually there then, she was only made available to a few selected outlets. Rachel’s kept a very low profile the last few months – her last official public appearance was at TIFF. This is her first big release in a while and it’s a comedy, which she’s not done in a few years. And, from the reviews I’ve read so far, she’s good in the movie. Vanity Fair says the movie could use more of her, that’s how appealing she is. 

So… where is she? 

Well, you might remember, if you read What Else every day, that I mentioned Rachel in the What Else post a couple of weeks ago – click here for a refresher – because someone tweeted at me about a recent sighting of Rachel wearing a big coat…to conceal a bump…? Bump-watch is often unreliable gossip. And a big coat means nothing. But not showing up for a premiere and not doing the junket… that could mean something in addition to a big coat. 

Maybe she’s working on a new project. Sure, but we haven’t heard of her signing onto anything that’s currently in production. Perhaps she’s spending time with family and, hopefully, everything’s OK. Rachel is very, very private. And, unlike other celebrities who say they’re private but cherry-pick when they want to be private and when they don’t, Rachel actually means it. I could totally see her insisting on staying off the radar and not wanting to be the story, especially if the story is… you know.