As Sarah’s been saying, celebrities are telling on themselves about how much they miss red carpets because we’re seeing that when there is a red carpet, they’re going all out. Rachel Zegler and Hunter Schafer looked spectacular at the Berlin premiere of The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. I screened this film a couple of weeks ago. Tom Blyth, who plays young President Snow, looks so different in real life with brown hair. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Every year I feel like we get a story from a celebrity about separate bathrooms being the success to marriage and this time it’s Joan Collins but I laughed when I read it because it’s kinda my life right now. Space is tight in Japan and at our first hotel in Tokyo, we basically stayed in a box. The smallest room I’ve ever seen. Which means you can hear everything. This morning, while I was writing, Jacek was doing his thing in there. And.. well… the sounds. The sounds are a case for separate bathrooms, LOLOLOLOLOL. (Cele|bitchy) 

Mark Wahlberg has a new movie coming out which I was never going to watch but then I saw the name of it and because my eyes are in eight time zones right now I got mad right away because I thought they were remaking The Family MAN, which might be my favourite Nicolas Cage movie (I said what I said!), and I was like… HOW DARE YOU? But it’s The Family PLAN, so it’ll be terrible but at least they won’t be disrespecting Nic Cage. (Pajiba) 


Ms Streisand is very particular about the pronunciation of her name – and she should be! She is BARBRA STREISAND. And do not include an extra “A”. Apple was blessed, if you ask me, that she checked them. (The Mary Sue) 

The dang gravy boat! I always joke about the gravy boat because when I’m a guest at a wedding, I do not look at the registry. What you’re getting is cash – which, like, isn’t cash the best gift? There are all these weird etiquette people who find money distasteful; I come from a culture that will never understand this. So whenever this comes up, I’m always like, um, would you rather cash or a useless gravy boat? And now here’s this piece encouraging people to use the gravy boat! Because I guess people don’t use it… which… why put it on the registry!? (Eater)