Can you believe we are, finally, really, really close to the release of Bond: No Time To Die? The movie has been pushed back multiple times but is now scheduled to premiere September 30 in the UK and a week later in North America. Unless…um….let’s not talk now about the unless. Get vaccinated!


The Bond villain in No Time To Die is Rami Malek who has maintained a pretty low profile over the last 18 months. Really interested to see what he does in this role. 

Here’s Rami on his way to play tennis yesterday. He’s actually been photographed a few times lately heading to his tennis match or lesson, which is what the paps are calling it. I wonder if he’s always played or if it’s a recent obsession. Rami was seen at the French Open back in June, and now, with the frequent tennis lessons, maybe he’s become hooked. 

I used to be hooked on tennis. I started playing tennis as a kid, and I actually don’t suck at it. When Jacek and I first started dating, he was surprised that I could hit with him. Lately we’ve been talking about playing tennis again because there are some really nice neighbourhood courts near our place but we spend so much time golfing. That’s the thing about getting hooked on a sport – I’m hooked on golf, and now it’s all I ever want to do. 


Anyway, back to Rami and Bond and the press tour that should be starting soon since we’re just over a month away from release, Rami’s known to have some flair on a red carpet. He works with stylist Ilaria Urbinati and she has said that he likes to take risks. So I wonder if she’s read the recent interview that Donatella Versace did with Vanity Fair. Versace has dressed pretty much everyone. So when asked who she hasn’t dressed and would like to, it was a quick answer: “Rami Malek. He’s so cool.”

You’ll think he’ll show up in Versace for the big Bond premiere in London?