You know who almost never gets papped anymore? Ariana Grande. This, to me at least, is remarkable because she’s only 29 years old. She’s a huuuuuge pop star. She’s based in LA (when she’s not filming Wicked). And she’s of a certain generation. So there were a few years there when Ari was photographed at the places where a lot of other celebrities in cohort were photographed. But then she shut it all down. 


We don’t need to revisit everything Ari went through during that time. The point is she made a decision to engage with fame differently, which is why practically no one knew about her wedding until she decided to share the news with the world. Ariana is super private about her marriage, I can’t even remember the last time she and her husband were photographed together in public, and since she’s much less active on social media than she was a decade ago, very little is known about their life together – which is a good thing, considering she would know what it’s like to be in love on the cultural stage and the effect that has on the relationship. 

Over the last couple of weeks though, there’s been more Ariana activity than we’ve seen in a long while. Cody wrote about her TikTok post last week and then earlier this week, since they were shooting exteriors on Wicked, the paps were able to take photos of her in costume


Which might be why director Jon M Chu posted first look pictures from the film on Instagram: 

And now here she is on Bond Street in London doing some shopping, the first pap shots of her, from this agency at least, in almost two years. I’m not getting the sense here that they were staged either. So my guess is that now that she knows these ones have been taken, we’re not going to see much for a long time.