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Not sure what it’s been like for you but over the last few weeks, as Elon Musk loses control over Twitter, many people in my life have been debating whether or not to delete their accounts. And it’s the same in Hollywood as some celebrities have already done it or are considering it and digital strategists are now being consulted to advise people on how to proceed. 


Pete Davidson was trending on Twitter yesterday after more and more people heard about the rumour that he’s hooking up with Emily Ratajkowski. It was probably not their intention but in doing whatever they’re doing together, Pete and Emrata inadvertently gave Twitter a boost. Because there was a lot of reaction to their story that reflected Twitter at its best and funniest. 

Here’s a tweet that went mega-viral: 


And this one is very good too:

But the best one has to be this – from a person who has been unexpectedly great on Twitter, Ms Dionne Warwick: 



And if you’ve been following, you know, this is not a one-off. Because every few weeks or so for the last few years, Ms Warwick has come on Twitter to drop some comedy gold. Remember, back in September? 

But before that she also weighed in on Spitgate, the short film starring Harry Styles and Chris Pine: 


So what does Dionne think of the current mess at Twitter? Here’s what she tweeted last week after Elon Musk reportedly fired thousands of Twitter employees: 


And just a couple of days before that, she appeared to be considering alternatives: 

Um, Dionne Warwick would be AMAZING on TikTok, are you kidding me?! 

Attached - Dionne at an event in DC last week and Emily in New York yesterday.  

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