Pete Davidson’s hot streak continues…


Here’s the latest: DeuxMoi posted a tip from someone who saw Pete and Emily Ratajkowski in Brooklyn this weekend. Pete and Emrata have known each other a while – they worked together on an ad campaign a couple of years ago. She was married at the time so it was strictly professional but obviously circumstances have changed because this sighting seems more than just friendly: 

 DeuxMoi's Instagram Story 

This totally tracks for me. Like someone somewhere had to have Pemrata on their bingo card, it feels almost inevitable. And makes wayyyyyy more sense than Emrata and Brad Pitt, please. 


You’ll recall, there were all kinds of rumours about Brad and Emrata a couple of months ago, and those rumours seemed to be encouraged by Brad’s team. She didn’t bother denying it. Instead she trashed his film and then made out on the street with a man who was definitely Not Brad Pitt and now she’s making out on the street with Pete Davidson who is also definitely not Brad Pitt. Because as much as he tries to pretend otherwise, Brad Pitt is not keeping up with Emily Ratajkowski. And was probably never keeping up with her to begin with. Not sure if you caught this but Emrata had Julia Fox on her show last week and they talked about Amber Heard, specifically their support for Amber Heard. If Emrata can cut through the bullsh-t of Johnny Depp, I’m thinking she’s well capable of cutting through the bullsh-t of Brad Pitt.