For weeks now people have been rumouring that Emily Ratajkowski and Brad Pitt are casually or secretly or thinking about dating. These rumours surfaced around-ish the same time Angelina Jolie filed her counter-claim including allegations about Brad abusing her and their children on that private jet in September 2016. 


My question, when I posted about the Emrata and Brad rumours a couple of weeks ago, was… are we sure? This was after Emily criticised the film Blonde, produced by Brad – would she really sh-t on one of his projects if she was actually involved with him? 

The update now is that Emrata was photographed kissing a man who is Not Brad Pitt (NBP) the other day. The Daily Mail purchased the exclusive and there is no mistaking that these two are… horny for each other. So if there really is something going on between Emrata and Brad, well, Brad’s not the only person on her dance card. And if Brad was leaning into these rumours for clout, it’s not looking all that good for him now because NBP is the one doing romance movie kisses with her and not him. 


But this is why I was initially skeptical about those rumours to begin with in my post from two weeks ago. Even with the breakup of her marriage, Emrata never directly addressed the speculation – it’s just not her style. It’s her style to come at it more subtly. Still, even when she trashed his movie, the rumours about her and Brad persisted. And she sidestepped the question in an interview with Variety:  

“One of the things I write about in the last essay of the book is about control and kind of understanding that one of the best ways to actually be happy and have some semblance of control is letting go,” she says. “I’m newly single for basically the first time in my life ever, and I just feel like I’m kind of enjoying the freedom of not being super worried about how I’m being perceived.”


You know who seems to worry a lot about how they’re perceived? 

Brad Pitt. “Cunning with his public image”, remember? Was it his people then who conveniently encouraged the media to believe that Emrata was into him? To prove how desirable he still is to assertive and intelligent and beautiful younger women? It definitely fits into the bohemian free spirt artist image he’s been trying to cultivate. Did he think Emrata would want to be part of that narrative? Did she just dunk on him with these photos of her with Not Brad Pitt? 

Attached: Emily out and about in NYC over the last few days.