I will read anything that Allison P Davis produces but this piece, what’s presumably her final major piece of the year, is why she’s one of the best culture writers right now. It’s about how a Black family had to deal with a racist neighbour and covers every corner of the issue thoroughly and compassionately. (The Cut)

I knew enough to prepare myself before clicking on the full-body shot of Regina King in this jumpsuit because I knew. I knew it would be special. And I was right. The moment I saw it, I gasped on the outside and screamed with longing on the inside. This 100% should be the Outfit of the Week but Friday is Christmas, we’re dark that day, and the Fug Girls are on it. This is THE PERFECT FIT. And the sneakers? Chef’s kiss. (Go Fug Yourself)


Last week FKA twigs explained that she’s suing Shia LaBeouf for sexual battery and assault, detailing how he abused her during their relationship. She explained that she went public to raise awareness, to let others who’ve experienced similar know they aren’t alone, and also to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Did you get the sense then that she might have been signaling to someone? Shia was seen this weekend kissing Margaret Qualley. (Dlisted)

I will never, ever say that there’s a new holiday special this year that’s better than Mariah Carey’s because that would be a crime against Christmas. HOWEVER… if you’d like some space between your 15th and 16th viewings of Mimi’s Christmas special, you may want to consider Amber Ruffin’s. I cannot wait to see how much more celebrated Amber will become in 2021. (Pajiba)

We’re being told that Prince William and Kate and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have exchanged Christmas gifts. What do you think they got each other? Did Meghan send the Cambridges some of her new health drinks? Did Kate send the Sussexes seeds from her many gardens? (Cele|bitchy)