Promotion for season two of The Morning Show is underway. Cast members were junketing yesterday and many if not most of the usual outlets were invited to participate in virtual interviews with Hasan Minhaj, who joins this season, and also Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, who were paired from separate locations. 


Jennifer, however, did not attend the photo call at the Four Seasons alongside her colleagues. That may be because she had other commitments. As Maria posted yesterday, it was also the launch of her new personal care line, LolaVie, so she did what she could for the junket but missed the pictures. 

New cast member, Julianna Margulies, however was present for the group shots, in a great pair of brown joggers with a matching tank. But the standout look was definitely Reese’s red pantsuit, with yellow and black tuxedo stripes. The suit is beautifully fit to her, and I’m into the choice of wearing the jacket over the shoulders, although it requires a lot more maintenance – and posture. I get muscles aches just thinking about having to hold my upper body in place so as to keep the jacket level. 


The Morning Show season two premieres next week, one episode at a time, on Apple+. As I’ve said often, the first season wasn’t without its problems but it was also a compelling watch. And it was not a binge watch. I mean it’s a good binge watch but it wasn’t released as a binge watch with all episodes available at once. It will be the same for season two, one episode every week, not unlike Ted Lasso, not unlike Succession, not unlike The White Lotus, not unlike Loki. 

When TMS first came out almost two years ago though, Apple was new, the Netflix binge model was becoming the standard, and Disney+ had yet to be introduced. Apple may not be on the same level yet with Netflix and Disney+, but they’ve certainly seen growth, especially during the pandemic when people were consuming so much more of everything, and in that time more people found The Morning Show after its initial hype and award season run. Since then, with so many other shows adhering to the week-by-week format, and with Disney having so much success with it, the timing works, I think, in its favour.