Jennifer Aniston teased a new project on Instagram and has now followed up with the launch of a new personal care line, LolaVie. 


LolaVie (which she once named a perfume – does anyone remember this?) has a trademark on personal care, which had me thinking body washes, perfumes, gels, candles. Unlike makeup and skin care (which is saturated beyond belief), celebrity body and hair care lines still have some room – there’s Goop and Kora Organics (Miranda Kerr) and of course the Kardashians all and I’m sure a few others. It’s a lot but there are also wide price disparities within those categories (a body scrub by Goop is about $60, whereas a Dove body scrub is $10). 

I was not expecting hair care because Jennifer was the face and a co-owner of Living Proof, which sold to Unilever in 2016 (she was not the founder). I guess the non-compete ran out (five years seems about right) because her first LolaVie product is The Glossing Detangler.


People are just obsessed with Jennifer Aniston’s very nice (and not wildly extraordinary) hair and I think it’s because it looks like she’s always having a good hair day. She hasn’t messed with it much over the years, a shade darker or lighter and the bob cut on Friends, but mainly it’s been a pretty solid look. She’s not showing up one day with a high pony or top knot (it’s a headline when she wears her hair up) or a new colour. It’s consistent. 

LolaVie’s branding is also leaning into greenwashing speak, “a sprinkle of nature” – what does that mean? It’s vague enough to make people feel good without actually saying anything. LolaVie products are vegan, as well as paraben- and sulphate-free, which is great for marketing but not uncommon (you can find inexpensive beauty products that are all of those things). 


Like all celebrity brands, LolaVie doesn’t need a proprietary formula because the value of company is tied up into Jennifer Aniston’s personal brand. People know, love, and trust Jennifer Aniston. People really know, love and trust her hair. 

I added the detangler to my cart but can’t purchase it because they don’t ship to Canada (rude!) but I did check out the FAQ. LolaVie is headquartered in Florida (tax purposes?) and will be coming out with one product at a time. Hair care is starting to build out like skin care – I just started using a primer on my hair and love it. There are also serums, masks, scalp scrubs, oil treatments and it seems like we are just at the beginning of it. LolaVie’s timing is great (as is Jennifer Aniston’s hair). The Morning Show comes out next week. So her hair will be on full display and she’s on promotion for the second season right now – meaning she’s doing double duty with marketing her projects. If you try the detangler, let me know how it works.