Dear Gossips,

Avengers: Endgame comes out on digital this week. Considering how many times I’ve seen the first Avengers and Infinity War and several other solo Avengers movies, especially the Iron Mans, I’m probably going to buy it. Marvel already has my retirement fund anyway. 

To promote, Marvel’s been releasing bloopers and other special features, including a deleted scene from near the end of the movie, after “I am… Iron Man”. Thinking about this still gets me in my feelings. As for this one... if you haven’t already, here are the remaining Avengers honouring their OG: 


Tony Stark is my favourite Avenger. He is my personal First Avenger. He’s the reason I’m so into the Avengers. But leaving this out of the final cut was a good decision. It’s corny AF. And the whole thing with Gamora was addressed elsewhere. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate seeing it now, after the movie’s theatrical run, but it’s a good example in storytelling to give them what they need and not what they want. 

What we need is what we got in Spider-Man: Far From Home, not necessarily an obviously sentimental sob session, but a tribute to Tony doing what he did best – tinkering! Tony was the mechanic. Now Peter is becoming a mechanic, inheriting all of Tony’s toys, on the jet no less, to improve his suit… with Tony’s music blasting from the speakers. That was what got me all choked up. 

Yours in gossip,