With Ben Affleck making headlines from his interview with Howard Stern all week, Jennifer Garner was seen picking up one of her kids at the bus stop yesterday, carrying on with her regular schedule. According to Page Six, her friends are “furious” about what he said on Stern. Page Six also reported that Jennifer Lopez was pissed at Ben over it too. You know what doesn’t track for me about that?  


JLo loves love. And when she’s in love, she loves hard, she is ride or die, full support – which is why she joined him for his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel the day after the Stern interview went viral. It is exactly the opposite of her style to have her people leak to the tabloids that she’s mad at him.  

As for Jennifer Garner and what her friends would or wouldn’t leak, that’s not really her style either. A few years ago, we interviewed Judy Greer, who is very close to Jennifer Garner, and at one point when started talking about their friendship, and Judy was saying what an amazing person Jen is, and then she started crying, like on live TV. The tears wouldn’t stop, and she was laughing through it too, adorably embarrassed that she was ruining her makeup and getting all into her feelings. Judy never elaborated, she never gave any insight to explain the tears, but I remembered this when I saw this Page Six story about her alleged friends running to the tabloids to talk sh-t about Ben and it doesn’t match up with that moment and my read from it – which is that that’s not how Jennifer Garner’s friends protect her. It’s an internally sealed protection.  


That said, would she be annoyed? I mean, please. Whether or not it’s actually Ben’s fault what happened with those out-of-context quotes on Stern this week, he’s still a drama vortex. Always. Ben Affleck is never short on drama, a black hole of drama that sucks everyone else into it with him. That’s been Jennifer Garner’s existence for over 15 years. So I’m not sure she minds all that much that there’s another Jennifer in his life right now – and she happens to be someone who, also, can thrive in the drama. Someone else can help him carry it.  

More on Ben and Bennifer later today.