Dear Gossips,

I have a checklist of sites I go to every night. Teen Vogue is near the top of that list. Duana and I talked about Teen Vogue on one of the early episodes of Show Your Work, how Teen Vogue has become a voice of resistance and activism, led in part by Lauren Duca, whose piece last week on The New York Times hiring of Bret Stephens is an excellent reminder of journalistic purpose – and a thorough criticism of how the Times isn’t meeting it.

Teen Vogue actively acknowledges that young women can be interested in politics, and informed on social issues, while caring about style and beauty and dating. Young women also, apparently, will be bringing back a 90s footwear trend this summer: it’s the platform flipflop. Remember when we all wore platform flipflops? And wanted to be Spice Girls? Rocket Dog has a new collection and they’ve worked with celebrity stylist Elizabeth Saltzman to design the line. Elizabeth spoke to Teen Vogue about her career and the return of the platform sandal.

Elizabeth Saltzman, does that sound familiar? She’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s stylist. And here’s a throwback to G from 1997, wearing the platform sandal:

And an even better throwback – G and Winona Ryder twin-dressing in platform sandals, jeans, and white tanks.

So how long before G re-embraces the platform sandal, as another “homage” to herself? Like an opportunity to show the new jacks that they’re doing what she did 20 years ago? Are you down with the updated platform sandal?

Yours in gossip,