The thought of the upcoming nude scene between Taron Egerton and Richard Madden in the Elton John biopic ROCKETMAN was enough to keep my motor running this month (even though it might be getting cut and straightwashed like Bohemian Rhapsody). So, you can imagine that all the talk about Richard Madden and Brandon Flynn (who used date Sam Smith) hanging out together obviously sent my thoughts racing. (Wet) dreams really do come true!

On Monday, the pair was papped together running some errands which included buying some “marijuana cigarettes” or joints if you’re not a f-cking narc. Reportedly, Richard Madden has moved to LA to further his career and is roommates with Brandon Flynn. Here’s what the article said:

“He never really used to like Los Angeles, but went there a couple of times at the end of last year and fell in love with the place.”

Did he fall in love with the place or in love with someone? Brandon and Madden lowkey hung out back in November 2018 while Madden was still with then-girlfriend Ellie Bamber, but after Sam and Brandon had broken up. A little known fact about gay people is that we are continuously struggling between figuring out whether someone is gay, or whether we just want them to be gay. Richard Madden of course has dated women in the past. Before Ellie, in 2015, he dated Jenna Coleman from Doctor Who. So it’s possible that Madden and Flynn are just roommates (oh my god they were roommates). I used to live with a straight guy, and we would always go shopping together, ignoring the intense sexual tension between us. 

Still, if you look at the photos, there’s a lot of touching for this supposed “platonic relationship.” In one photo, Madden has his hand around Brandon’s neck (we know who’s the top and who’s the bottom), and in the second photo, Madden has his hand on Brandon’s shoulder. In the third photo, Brandon has his hand on Madden’s back. There’s one rule to know if someone is into you: lots of touching. Plus, yesterday, Brandon and Madden were again seen out together again this time picking up pizza and walking Brandon’s dog #dogdads. They also met Kate Mara and her husband Jamie Bell, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such couple-y photos. These shots make it seem like they’re about to go to brunch together, and because Richard and Kate are the real friends, Brandon and Jamie are like the “husbands” who have to make small talk. Maybe I’m reading into this too much. 

I like to think that Madden and Brandon are roommates the way Carey and Andrew are roommates in Comedy Central’s The Other Two. 


Twitter detectives (the real MVPs) have also discovered that Brandon and Madden are wearing matching necklaces, apparently the one that Madden gave his ex, Jenna Coleman. They also did some sleuthing around who follows whom, and who unfollowed whom (@Sam Smith) that I honestly can’t even keep track of. 

As far as I see it, there are two possibilities here: Madden could be exploring his sexuality, and I don’t blame him. Playing the romantic lead against Taron Egerton would make anyone question who they like to f-ck. Madden could also just be really comfortable with his heterosexuality and is defying the toxic masculinity that dictates that men can’t have touch-feely, loving, platonic relationships with one another. Both scenarios are a win-win, but only one lets me believe in the possibility that someday, I could get my chance with Daddy Madden. What I do know for sure is that I can’t wait to hear about #Maddlynn on Sam Smith’s next album.