Yesterday I posted about Rihanna and A$AP Rocky partying in Miami and her tiny shorts. That was earlier in the week. They’ve now returned to New York. She was seen getting pizza at 4am the other night and this morning, she and Rocky left a recording studio at 9am. They’d been there since the night before, arriving ahead of midnight, and working for almost ten hours.  


As you can see, Rihanna preferred to keep it casual for this session, in an oversized pinstriped shirt, shorts, sneakers, and a ball cap. That tracks me for if it’s an all-nighter. I know people who can stay in skinny jeans for all-nighters. Or even a dress. And that’s definitely a gift I don’t have.  

So…what are they working on?  

You’ll recall, earlier this month they were seen shooting a music video together. The video has yet to be released, but obviously we’re all waiting. We are waiting for the collaboration, for the styling, for the vibe, for whatever it is that they’re doing together, for whatever it is that we can watch and listen to them doing together.  

How close are we to getting this?  

Also can we go back to this shirt? It’s perfect. It falls perfectly. I love the sleeve detail around the cuffs. Even her bum around outfits are the best.