Let’s take a break from Bennifer because we should always make time for Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. RiRi and Rocky are in Miami and they’ve been partying. Like Bennifer, they’re partying with the people, and do not seem to be precious about people filming them. Have you seen some of the videos? They are SO cute. They are SO hot. 


While it’s hard to know, exactly, what their schedules are, I feel like Rihanna and Rocky are together as much as possible? Celebrity couples, given their commitments with businesses and brands and performing, are often apart. That, obviously, hasn’t been as much of a thing over the last year because of the pandemic, but even now that things in certain territories have opened up, these two have been showing up in the same place at the same time for months – from New York to LA and now Miami. 


Anyway, here are RiRi and Rocky heading out for dinner last night holding hands…and as you can see, there are short shorts, and then there are these shorts. Which are basically cut like full-bottom underwear. And it makes her legs look so long. I wish we could see what they look like from behind, not because I’m a perv and want to creep on her ass, but because I want to see how they’re cut back there, and how much ass cleavage is showing. Like what does the sit-down test look like when you’re wearing these shorts? I’m not against them for her – because look at her, they look great, I’m actually really curious about functionality. Note too that she’s not just wearing these tiny shorts, she’s tucked her shirt into them too. Which makes them tighter and shorter because when you do a tuck, you’re taking away space. 

Speaking of that top though, I love the flame print here, and the blousey-ness of it, and the contrast between all that material with the lack of material below. Rihanna as usual always gets it right.