Dear Gossips, 

Rihanna’s FENTY is dropping a limited edition footwear release today. The collection has yet to be posted at the time of this writing and it’s not like I’m buying designer shoes right now but… I like to watch. Especially when it’s Rihanna. 


Rihanna dominated social media last night for another reason though. As Rihanna told British Vogue for the magazine’s May 2020 issue, she’s been working on a skincare lineAt the time, she said that it was a slow process because:

“Skincare, it’s the truth. It either works or it doesn’t. There’s nowhere to hide.” 

She would know because she does the work. She even WRITES THE COPY. So when she thinks it’s ready, she means it’s f-cking ready.

I love this video. I love that she’s showing it to us. I love that she’s making sure we can see her handling the product. That she’s giving us a preview of how it feels, how it foams, how it moves. And I also love how she backed the teaser up with engagement. So the best part of this announcement isn’t the announcement itself – it’s what she did after: replying to old tweets from people who’ve been asking for this, waiting on this. 


Here’s Rihanna returning to a tweet from someone in 2019: 

And a man who’s been hoping for this since 2017:


Another one in 2017:

And a more recent tweet from someone who was trying to be patient in April:

Which means that she and her team saved them, marked a few of the messages she could reply to eventually, so that on the day of the announcement, she could go back and drop a quick line. It’s personal, it’s easy, it doesn’t take much time, but it does SO MUCH. And it’s so f-cking smart!

As usual, Rihanna is showing the sh-t out of her work. As usual, not that there was any doubt, but FENTY SKIN is going to be runaway success. 

Yours in gossip,