This is the second time I’ve had occasion to put Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, and Jennifer Lawrence in a post. They’re all new parents and managing newborn schedule with their own. Last week Rihanna and Rocky went for a walk at 4am, presumably after feeding their son, in coordinating black sweats. This weekend it was another 4am stroll, coordinated once again in baggy denim but with more thought put into their fits? 


Like the other day you could tell they just threw on whatever and decided to get out. This time, with Rocky specifically, it’s a vest over a longsleeve and accessorised with a hat and a necklace. Rihanna also brought out the accessories – earrings, chains, rings, and a full face of makeup with her hair all cute too. How is this happening at 4am?! 

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney are also on the move but they’re heading out of the city, seen at JFK airport. Maybe it’s a trip without the baby…or maybe we’re seeing celebrity baby protection in play. There’s very little information about Jennifer and Cooke’s baby. All that’s known is that a child was born early this year and that Ellen DeGeneres called the baby “him” so people are assuming that Jennifer and Cooke welcomed a boy but that’s not official, and obviously neither is the name. 


But travelling, and airports, can result in information leaks. So if Jennifer and Cooke are travelling and their baby is with them, in order to avoid any breaches, they might choose to go through the airport on their own, and send the baby with another family member or the caregiver. No one pays attention to a caregiver with an infant. Then it’s a person with a baby, and not a Celebrity With a Baby. And they can slip through undetected.