On Monday January 31, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky set up a pap stroll to tell us they’re expecting their first child together. As mentioned in my first post about her pregnancy, the photos were taken by paparazzo Miles Diggs, who has developed solid relationships with celebrities for their street fashion moments. 


Miles’s shot of Rihanna and Rocky were sold via photo agency, and for two whole days, Rihanna made no mention of them on her personal channels. I mean, it’s not like she had to – the pictures are self-explanatory, nobody needed a press release and besides, posting any of those images on her social media accounts would have devalued the photos and cut into Miles’s take. Rihanna is no amateur. 

Last night, after allowing over 48 hours for Miles to get his, Rihanna finally confirmed her own pregnancy confirmation on Instagram. Three of Miles’s photos are included in this carousel but they’re not the hero image. The hero image just about as lo-fi as it gets, lolololol. 


Like I said the other day, the celebrity Instagram pregnancy announcement with the side-bump with the flower wall, after Beyoncé defined that game and everyone followed, has been over-done, and it’s over-over. And Rihanna just served us her version – no flower wall, not professionally taken, sh-t lighting, poorly framed, and my favourite detail…

She’s posing in the most ordinary of bathrooms. This is not a luxury hotel suite bathroom. If it is a hotel it’s at best a Holiday Inn. It could be my bathroom, it could be your bathroom, it could be your Aunt Fran’s bathroom, it is definitely not a mansion or a Manhattan penthouse suite bathroom. Nobody is featuring this bathroom in Architectural Digest. But here’s Rihanna, a billionaire, throwing up her first Instagram pregnancy photo of herself in the most no frills way possible and once again upending expectations.