There are so many reasons to appreciate Rihanna. We could do a whole week’s worth of content about this. But today I appreciate Rihanna because yesterday she pretty much confirmed it – she’ll be at the Met Gala tonight. 


Here’s what she posted on Instagram: 

“not even Monday” 

The mood is the Met Gala. And Rihanna is feeling the mood. More accurately, Rihanna IS the mood – this is what happens when she shows up to the event that has become synonymous with her. But she clearly wanted us to see this fit. Which obviously means it’s not the fit she’ll be wearing tonight. Which obviously means she had options. Of course she has options. She’s Rihanna. 


We knew she was in Paris a couple of weeks ago going through the Fendi archive. Now she’s teasing Chanel… and cosplaying Choupette, LOL. Apparently Choupette will be at the Met Gala tonight which is, well, at this point is satire. Because there is a possibility that someone, or someones, will show up at the event dressed like Choupette. I can’t understand why Anna Wintour would tolerate this but I also really want to see her face when and if she sees a Choupette walking up those steps. 

But back to Rihanna in the backup…

The backup is actually really good. That’s why she’s showing it to us. Good, but not good enough. And that only adds to the hype for tonight.