There is no such thing as hyperbole when it comes to Rihanna, the business. Her makeup line set a new standard. She has her own luxury fashion house. And she took over NY Fashion Week with her Savage x Fenty show last night that changed the game in how lingerie is presented. It’s impossible, then, to exaggerate Rihanna’s influence, her force, her power. 

There will be no Victoria’s Secret fashion show this year. Victoria’s Secret should be relieved. Because as Business of Fashion declared this morning: 

Rihanna: 1; Victoria’s Secret: 0

They’d be annihilated if they even tried it after what Rihanna delivered last night. Because this wasn’t just a runway show with models simply strutting along a catwalk; it was more like a stage play, and a music video, with concert choreography (by Parris Goebel!), all of it in celebration of a range of women’s bodies. 

Only two shots from the show have been released so far. The first is a photo of Rihanna who opened like she was on tour: 


The second is of Rihanna and the models standing on blocks: 


And that’s all we’re getting until September 20 when Savage x Fenty premieres on Amazon Prime, which is why cameras and phones were strictly prohibited – she’s taking her lingerie to streaming service. So, yes, she picked up those dehydrated Victoria’s Secret bones and revived with her own flesh to create a new species for these times. This is innovation. Rihanna keeps innovating. 


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In other Rihanna news, there’s a rumour going around that she’s being considered for Poison Ivy in the new Batman starring Robert Pattinson. I don’t know how legit that source is but clearly she knows what people are saying and, well, she is messing with us now. 


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